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About our design company

PT. Kerative Asia Indonesia was established by Reygen Gunawan and Erwan Tan on the 20th of March, 2012 in Batam, Indonesia. Serving as a branding agency, this company, operating under our flagship Yellow Apes name, has rapidly grown to be a true market leader in the industry.

The company was inspired by the founders’ dream to work with Batam companies in order to achieve an overall better design and concept for their businesses, increasing their ability to meet global standards and thrive in the international marketplace.

Now, after having grown a strong brand for ourselves on the island of Batam, we have set our eyes on bringing excellent branding solutions beyond the island to neighboring Singapore and Malaysia, desiring to spark new innovation, creativity, and life into the industry there as well.

why yellowapes ?
our vision

We aim to deliver high quality branding and marketing solutions. There is a common misconception that only larger companies and firms are able to afford this luxury, however, we strive to provide both professional and innovative branding services to companies of any stature.

our mission

We accomplish our vision by tirelessly working with our clientele to discover and provide the absolute best branding and marketing solutions for their needs and strategic growth of their companies. We use our insight, experience, and creativity to make the realization of a professional brand a reality for our diverse clientele base.

core values

High-Quality Products and Services

Our experienced team strives to produce brand identities and marketing materials that are of the highest international standards, improving the market perception of our clients’ companies, and increasing their market share. We realize the importance of creating meaningful brands for our clientele, and we take great pride in every masterpiece that we have the opportunity to produce.

Creativity and Innovation

We endeavor to not sit still, but to constantly be learning and pushing the boundaries of our art form, driven by a desire to foster creativity and innovation. In this extremely competitive industry, we want to be ahead of the pack, inspiring and setting the industry tone and standard for the years to come

Integrity in Business

We recognize that without our loyal clientele base, we wouldn’t have anything. In light of this, we seek to operate our business in an integrity filled manner that truly honors and serves our valued clients. We highly value delivering on our promises to clients, as well as communicating with both honesty and transparency in all matters.

this is

what we do


- visual identity
- corporate kit
- Marketing kit
- copywriting

graphic design

- company profile
- annual report
- wall / desk calendar
- print ad poster
- packaging design
- banner
- etc

commercial photography

- corporate
- product
- food & beverage
- advertising

There are few things more important for any company than creating a strong and meaningful brand. A brand is truly the essence of a company, encompassing not only how it is visually perceived, but also how it communicates with its target audience. A strong brand has the power to build an emotional relationship with the consumer, increase market share, and in turn, increase revenue. Investing in the creation of a quality brand identity over a generic option can be the difference between building a lasting legacy or only blending in with the rest.

We specialize in creating and launching meaningful and successful brands, as well as orchestrating professional rebranding campaigns. We pride ourselves in creating well-structured visual communication design that is easy to understand, impactful to target markets, and compelling to look at.

We provide businesses and organizations, regardless of their size, with a straightforward and uncomplicated source for all of their marketing materials. Our full-service design studio offers our clientele a creative, professional brand image made up of innovative graphic design, engaging language, as well as the creation and printing of high quality stationaries and digital materials.

Our experienced team works with you to ensure that you get the right brand image and strategy for your company, and in turn, a higher return on your investment. We help you to find the correct brand solution that best meets your needs, from simple advertising, to a full-on corporate identity program, all efficiently and professionally completed by our gifted team.